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It was only recently that I celebrated my 48th birthday and I have no qualms about telling people how I live my life because I believe that age isn’t and shouldn’t be the deciding factor on how one should live his or her life.

I feel that the purpose of life is to, well, live it. You must be grateful, cherish and enjoy every moment of your life because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. And, don’t be afraid of challenges because without them, life would only be dull and uninteresting.

When it comes to life, I always look at the aspect of how much time I roughly would have left and being in my late 40s I must admit that I’m feeling more and more anxious about the many things that I have yet to achieve. What concerns me most is the faith and righteous deeds to obtain success in the hereafter.

My consolation is to tell myself to always give my all and do my best and I’m constantly reminded of this passage from the Quran: “And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him.”

We must always be thankful for everything that we have, even the simplest of things like being able to smile and make someone else’s day while doing it. Never ever whine, grumble or complain because it’s not going to change anything.

Instead, count your blessings and say Alhamdulillah (praise be to the Almighty). Thank Him for all that He has bestowed upon you – the blessings and the trials – they are all from Him. Remember, “If Allah intends good for someone, then He afflicts him with trials.”InshaAllah (God willing), should I be blessed with many more years to live in this world, certainly my aim is to live and enlighten myself with several principles, which I would like to share with you here.

This is the biggest obstacle holding people back from moving forward. Letting go of something or someone is probably the most difficult thing to do because it’s become a part of you but you just have to because it will only do you good. Many are not able to erase their bitter past, which blocks joy and happiness in them. Then there are those who hold grudges that only leads to nothing else but misery. Some are even tied to their past success so much so that they do not even think of wanting bigger and better successes. So, what do you need to do? Let go and let’s go!

Sit down for a while and just get lost in your thoughts. Think about where you’d want to be in 2,5,10, 35 years from now. Think of the better life you want. Who you want to be and why. Hope and pray for guidance and motivate yourself to forge ahead. Equip yourself with knowledge. The higher the knowledge we have, the bigger the steps we can take and the more achievements we can make.

Write down your thoughts and feelings, especially on the things that you’re thankful for, every morning. This can improve your mental health and create happiness. Cut off negative thoughts completely. Give off more positive energy. Believe me, you’ll only attract good vibes. That’s the reason why I always share good thoughts and happy memories in my social media accounts.
Try to look and learn things from different perspectives and view points as this will only enrich your knowledge and experience. Don’t be like flies whose mind and eyes only focus on finding sh*t!

Do what you really want to do and don’t give up on it. Be confident and find the courage to pursue your passion. Strive for the best and never allow laziness to creep in. Do not be misled by the spirit of complacency and feel that you have accomplished enough. Instead, look forward to doing better and achieving more!

It’s perfectly alright to make mistakes but don’t let them be the reason for you to give up. Don’t be so hard on yourself because everyone makes mistakes, have regrets, said or did the wrong things and missed some great opportunities. What you need to do is to forgive yourself and grow from the experience. Don’t focus on your failure(s) of yesterday. Pay attention to what you can do today where you can take a step in the right direction after learning from your past mistakes.

Good things happen when you change for the better. We become what we do repeatedly. So, if you want to gain success, build the good habit of consistently being hard-working. You can’t achieve anything without hard work. You want to be smart? You have to work hard. You want to look good? You have to work at it. Your aim is to lose weight? Then, work hard to achieve your ideal weight. Your goal is to be rich? Only through hard-work will you realise that dream of yours. Take note that there is no shortcut to success. Just work harder than anyone else and you WILL get what you want.

What is a loss if you do or a loss if you do not? Always think and ask yourself this question. Your experience in life should be able to tell you what you should and should not do.

At the end of it all, remember that YOU are the “designer” and “author” of your destiny and life story. It’s all in your hands and the outcome is whatever you choose. So, choose right and do it well. Leave an inspiring story behind that others can learn from.



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